This web portal provides an opportunity for public access and visualization of measurement data for environmental noise of five terminals owned by the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the noise monitoring system of Plovdiv.

The system allows access to a constant renewal database from the noise measuring terminals – in graphical (s) / table (s) form for LAeq - dB (A), and table (s) for standardized noise indexes (LAmin, LAmax, LAday, LAevn, LAnight, L24, dB(A)), last hour, current day, daily, weekly, monthly, other (history).

Portable, periodic noise measurements in 50 locations in the city (for 2009/2010 and 2011). The measurements are conducted annually - in order to further verify of “Strategic noise maps” Agglomeration Plovdiv, and as part of the update data on the environment acoustic in the city. are indicative for development of the Environmental Noise in Plovdiv, but they are not as a representative index for the impact noise during the whole year. Take into consideration the obligation to update every 5 years of the “Strategic noise maps”, and with regard to the respective “Action Plan”", the Municipality of Plovdiv has accepted and develops a strategic approach for systematic continuously reflecting the changes occurring in the environment acoustic of the city.

<= 35.0 dB
<= 40.0 dB
<= 45.0 dB
<= 50.0 dB
<= 55.0 dB
<= 60.0 dB
<= 65.0 dB
<= 70.0 dB
<= 75.0 dB
<= 80.0 dB
 >  80.0 dB